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New Braunfels: Rent Collection & Lease Compliance

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Collecting rent can be a hassle. A good tenant will always hand in their rent at the appropriate time but due to circumstances or irresponsibility many tenants make a relatively simple process into a big headache. RHR Construction Company has extensive experience in dealing with less than perfect tenants in New Braunfels. As property managers we always have the property owner's bottom line as our top priority so we take steps to ensure that rent is received on time. When RHR Construction Company has collected the rent we digitally transfer it to the owner's account.

Rent payment is not the only issue that landlords must deal with. In-between payment dates it is also necessary that the tenants are not breaking any lease agreements. Animals, excessive noise, and exceeding the occupancy limit are all common problems which must be dealt with. RHR Construction Company will keep an eye on your investment and make certain that all lease agreements are complied with.